For Customer Service, Please Call: 1-877-859-2652
1.  In SEARCH field, enter one of the look-up options:
     ISBN 13-digit code often found on the back of the book, but always found on the back of the Title Page, generally starting with “978”. 
            oIgnore the ISBN dashes, just enter the 13 digits.
     Exact TITLE: including “Intro to” or other such phrases.
            o The BOOK SPINE title is often clearer than on the FRONT COVER.
            o Type first AUTHOR’s LAST NAME; add space; exact TITLE
                     i.e.:  smith occupational therapy
2.  Use the information which will best limit the number of choices.
         ISBN should take you directly to a single example, or perhaps just a couple.
         AUTHOR_TITLE is likely the 2nd best choice.
3.  Click SEARCH (on the right) to display the information best, including price offer.
4.  CHECK the title(s) in the check box to select.
6.  Repeat steps 1 – 5 through each book you are seeking to sell.
7.  Follow instructions to create ship label.
  Highlighting, margin notes are OK but shouldn’t be so heavy or obtrusive as to hinder reading.
        o  Consider if YOU would avoid purchasing a book in that condition in a stack of books on the shelf.
  Book condition:  Book binding, spine, and covers must be intact and not torn or loose in the binding.  Do NOT attempt to use tape
    or glue with the exception of carefully applied clear tape for simple cover tears; that tape being of a clear box sealing quality, not present wrapping tape.
        o  Again, assure that book is in “salable” condition for any local campus store.
        o  NO WATER DAMAGE! Page or cover wrinkling from moisture and stains from coffee or other liquids render a book unsalable in a commercial environment.
     Three options: PayPal; Check mailed; ACH
        o    Obviously, PayPal is quickest, if you have a PayPal account set up.
        o    A.C.H. (also immediate upon receipt of your shipment) is a direct bank transfer which requires your bank routing number and account number.
        o    A CHECK will be mailed (if you choose that option) within a day or two of receipt of your books.
    Shipping labels will be printable as you end the transaction.
        o    USPS (Postal Service) for shipments quoted UNDER $125.00
        o    UPS for shipments quoted OVER $125.00
        o    NOTE: If you drop off your package at the wrong provider, the books will NOT get to us and you will not get paid.
   Compete your online selling transaction.
    Choose Payment Option
    Print shipping label
    RECEIVE an Email from us acknowledging your transaction and reminding you to get them shipped within 7 days.
    YOU pack books tightly in a ship-quality corrugated box suitable for the rigors of shipping and securely sealed and labeled.
    Drop off your box at either POST OFFICE or UPS.  WARNING: Choose the correct one!!
            o    NOTE: Drop it at the wrong one and we won’t get the books and you won’t get paid.
    RECEIVE an Email from us when the books are received.
            o    We will confirm payment implementation and advise of options if any of your books do not meet quality standards.
    RECEIVE PAYMENT according the options outlined elsewhere in this FAQ list.
    You risk not getting paid.
    Values ARE ever changing with the course materials market and as resale options rise and fall with the calendar and demand.
    You may have the option to get your books back, but at your shipping costs.
    This site is available to you on an ongoing basis and has your SHIPMENT STATUS as well as PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS available for review.
    You should not need to call the store since most of the information you might need is available on the site.
            o    But that IS an option.  It’s just more efficient to use the LINK CONNECTION where YOUR INFORMATION and STATUS are linked directly to and available to you personally.
   Unfortunately if you happen to place the book into the cart after the retail quantity has been met , even if the original price shown was a higher number, your cart price will revert
     to the lower wholesale price in the cart.  Please make sure the cart price is the same as the search price before confirming your quote.